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MEGA-CHECK Coating Thickness Meter

The coating thickness gauge You can connect many specialized probes to the LIST-MAGNETIK MEGA-CHECK, Basic, Profi or Master coating... Περισσότερα

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The coating thickness gauge

You can connect many specialized probes to the LIST-MAGNETIK MEGA-CHECK, Basic, Profi or Master coating thickness meters. Applications with particularly small openings, thick layers and small measuring points are thus easily possible. Special functions such as the scan measurement for rough surfaces, and the duplex measurement for galvanized, and additionally coated steel complete the performance spectrum.

MEGA-CHECK Basic is the standard device for rapid on-site measurement. Flexibly usable by connecting different measuring probes.

MEGA-CHECK Profi provides as an additional service to MEGA-CHECK Basic a data logger and a RS232 interface. The measured values can be statistically evaluated. The documentation of the measurement results with easy operation, is carried out via a connected PC or printer. Three calibration memories are available to store special calibration parts.

MEGA-CHECK Master is a high-end device with easy to use functions for many different applications. In addition to the functions of MEGA-CHECK Profi, the device offers a scan function for the determination of the layer thickness on rough or blasted surfaces as well as the duplex function for the exact determination of the individual layer thicknesses of insulating layers on galvanized steel parts. In the case of continuous measurement of the layer thickness, the analogous representation of the measured value profile proves to be an important support.


  • Trouble-free and precise measurement in coating thickness measurement
  • Wide range of probes for the coating thickness gauge for FE metals (ferrous metals) and NFE metals (non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and non-magnetic stainless steel) as well as combined probes with automatic recognition of the base material. The combined probe with swivel-mounted head is unique worldwide.
  • Measurements of layer thicknesses on various layers
  • The magnet-inductive method allows measurements on all types of paints, varnishes, plastics and galvanic coatings on steel. With the eddy current method, you measure insulating layers (color, varnish, plastic, anodic) on non-ferrous metals.
  • Multilingual menu display
  • All coating thickness meter have a large and clear graphic display. The menu is given in German, English, Spanish or Dutch.
  • Replaceable probe cable for the meter
  • The probe cable, which can be plugged in on both sides, connects the display unit and the probe and can be easily replaced in the event of a cable break.
  • High-quality
  • All LIST-MAGNETIK MEGA-CHECK coating thickness meters are high-quality products "Made in Germany".
  • Manage and send measurement data with a free application




Applications: Depending on the selection of the probe measurement of paint, varnish, plastic and galvanic layers on steel, measurement of insulating layers on non-ferrous metals with automatic recognition of the basic material
Standards: ISO 2178, ISO 2360, BS 5411, ASTM
Measuring probe: The measuring range is depending on the probe, on steel and iron up to 30 mm (30,000 μm), on NFE metals up to 6 mm (6000 μm). 
Minimum area, minimum radius of curvature and calibration value 
also depend on the probe.
Accuracy: less than 100 μm ± 1 μm, 100-1000 μm: ± 1%, 1000-2000 μm: ± 3%,> 2000 μm: ± 5%
Resolution: 1-100 μm: 0.1 μm, 100-1000 μm: 1 μm,> 1000 μm: 10 μm
Measuring units: µm and mils
Environment temperature: 0 - 50° C
Display: Graphic display
Multilingual menu navigation: German / English / Spanish / Dutch
Power supply: 3x 1.5 V AA Mignon
Operating time: approx. 60 hours
Dimensions: 200 x 95 x 41 mm
Weight: 265 g (with batteries)

For the MEGA-CHECK Profi and Master devices additionally:

Data logger: 10,000 measured values (In MEGA-CHECK Master divisible into 100 batches)
Statistics: Count / Maximum / Minimum / Average / Standard deviation
Calibration memory: 3 calibration memories for storing individual calibrations Interface: RS232 interface with USB cable for communication with PC and printer

For the MEGA-CHECK Master device:

Analog display: Analog measured value display with continuous measurement
Scan function: for accurate measurement on rough or blasted surfaces
Duplex function: for the exact determination of the individual layer thickness for measurements of insulating layers on galvanized steel parts (the zinc layer must be > 60 μm)



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